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Left school and completed a multi-disciplined engineering apprenticeship – carried on working as an engineer to my early twenties and continued to work as an amateur photographer producing art photographs.
Moved to West Cornwall in the mid 1980’s and opened a photographic studio and art gallery on the promenade Penzance – Successfully worked as a press photographer and portrait / wedding photographer – after running this business for a few years I realised I had moved away from what had originally driven me to make this move (i.e. Artistic work) – I decide to move back into my Engineering career and make a living whilst continuing in my spare time with my more artistic aspect of photography.
I continued to study art including sculpture and ceramics up until I became self-employed in 2006 and was able to dedicate more time to working as an artist.
I studied fine art FdA at Exeter College and then transferred to the Full time BA (hons) in Fine Art at Plymouth University based in studio space at the Royal William Yard.
I work in a variety on mediums and processes, including sculpture, painting, print making and ceramics.
Since 2002 I have spent time working in my studio in Devon and also our studio space in our villa in the Valencian region of Spain (in the Montgo National Park) the influences of which can be seen in much of my work.
Coming from an engineering background I was often challenged by the tutors at University for having an ‘organised’ maybe too structured approach to my work – in the first couple of years of my foundation degree I tried to take this into account and tried to be more loose with my style – I then went on to study the ‘Constructivist’ movement in detail as well as focusing on this in my dissertation (‘Constructivism as a Narrative Thread’ )- many of the early constructivist also came from Engineering backgrounds.
After careful consideration and re-evaluation I decided instead to embrace the Engineering disciples I had gained in my career and use them to my advantage – this is an approach I continue to use in most of my work – In my opinion it is important to follow this structured approach when for instance constructing 3D work / print making and ceramics.
Within my painting process this is not so obvious, generally speaking I would say that I construct my paintings, all my work will go through a constructive process – I plan my work carefully sometimes building paintings from multiple layers or indeed there may be a specific process flow to allow me to produce my work – I try to explain this process as ‘Constructive Abstraction’ where although my work may take on a very abstract appearance there has been a logical process applied.
I continue to work in a number of disciplines and am always excited about my next piece of work in whatever form it will be.